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I work with CFOs, Controllers and other key stakeholders to implement or extend Workday Finance.  This includes ensuring other systems and processes within the enterprise architecture are integrated properly with Workday.



My clients are my number one priority.  And with Workday implementations, I have found the most important factor for success is an educated client.  Workday Finance is not just a technology change.  It is a uniquely different design model from other ERP systems.  Clients that truely understand this make better decisions, before, during and after the implementation.  Having lead finance and accounting organizations in the past, I am uniquely able to guide finance leaders forward with Workday.



Workday Finance is a "Service", and it gets better every six months with each new release.  It should evolve and change as your organization grows.  Leveraging ew features and functions no longer requires the overhead of past upgrade projects.  Organizations should have a strategy to evolve and a dedicated change management plan.  Whether it's a full and targeted functional add-on or sprint efforts to derive more value, I can help navigate, lead and perform to move you forward.



Workday is only a piece of the puzzle. As the Financial ERP solution it is often consider a key hub, but it still must operate in a far more complex landscape.  The critical revenue generating and front line operational systems that drive your day to day business are the higher priority.  That's where experience working directly with business operations leaders, sales organizations and other technology solution teams is critical.  Designing and managing to the overall enterprise architecture and data management needs is an aptitude I excel at.

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